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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

For our whole lives we have been taught things that through personal research, experimentation and thousands of testimonials have been proven to be false. Here we aim to offer alternative directions and information which might help you decide what personal choices should be made for optimum health. We in no way intend through any method to diagnose or treat any ailment, we are here just to pass on what has worked for us and those we know. We welcome all points of view and modalities of well-being and optimizing our life forces within and without us.

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Why Focus on Food?

Food is Life.. Or Death

As a good friend of mine Ralph Smart says, “We eat to live or we eat to die” and it couldn’t be any simpler than that. Thousands of food gurus have left their mark in print and online shouting that same thing from the rooftops. As a child I was always told, “You are what you eat” which has also been proven to be true. Not only are the elements we put inside us part of our biological makeup they also affect the energetic makeup of who we really are and can alter our potentials.

The study of Epigenetics, that two other wonderful people Bruce Lipton and another friend of mine Dr. Scott A. Johnson talks about, discuss what environmental variables do to us right down to the very atoms and genes that our bodies are made of. Everything is connected, everything affects everything and everyone.

Masaru Emoto also talks about this in his book, “Messages in Water” talking about the energy of our words and even our thoughts and intentions proven in his own science experiments on the most basic element we need to survive; water.

Good, Better & Best

Whole-Food Plant-Based or Animal-Based?

The discussion of whether to be whole-food plant-based or animal-based has really reached a tipping point of religious zealotry in many instances. The strong stances and almost offensive stances are obvious to observers watching the two debates. In my opinion, I think it is important to welcome all positions and perspectives and make the best decision on what we consume that is in OUR OWN best interests not the interests of outsiders that really have no vested interested other than to make a buck off you. You do what you know is right, that’s always the best policy. Do we make mistakes? Absolutely, how else better to learn that to experience something for the better or for the worse.

I think the bigger question is what will your choices cost you in the future, down the road. Will those choices lead to operations that in most cases start around $60,000 with a lifetime permanent subscription paid by yourself of pharmaceuticals and Dr. visits?


Heart Disease

“Direct costs include charges for hospitals, doctors and prescription drugs, while the indirect costs include lost productivity and time away from work. The average cost of a less severe heart attack is about $760,000.”
Apr 23, 2010 How Much Would a Heart Attack Cost You? – CBS News



A total of 33 U.S. studies met review criteria. Among the 4 highest quality studies, the 2008 per-person direct medical cost of overweight was $266 and of obesity was $1723 [per year]. The aggregate national cost of overweight and obesity combined was $113.9 billion. Source

Childhood obesity comes with an estimated price tag of $19,000 per child when comparing lifetime medical costs to those of a normal weight child, according to an analysis. When multiplied by the number of obese 10-year-olds in the United States, lifetime medical costs for this age alone reach roughly $14 billion.  Apr 7, 2014 – ScienceDaily



In one of the largest studies of its nature (“The long-term effects of psychological problems during childhood”), children were followed for 40 years to determine the effects of illness and psychological problems on their life chances (Smith & Smith, 2010). Children or adults who suffer from depression have lower incomes, lower educational attainment and fewer days working each year. In fact, these psychological problems lead to seven fewer weeks of work per year, a loss of 20 percent in potential income, and a lifetime loss for each family who has a depressed family member of $300,000 (Smith & Smith, 2010). Source


The “C” Word

Everyone knows the cost of cancer. “ABC News reported that cancer drug prices have doubled in the past decade, from an average of $5,000 per month to over $10,000. The story also interviewed a married, working mother whose one of the many Americans who struggle to pay for cancer treatment costs, even with insurance.”…”A 2014 report from John Hopkins Medical Institutions, featured in National Geographic, indicates that cancer treatment costs are projected to increase 40% by 2020.” Sources: 1, 2, 3



Researchers using a simulation model have put a price on the direct medical costs of treating diabetes and its complications, during a lifetime, in the United States. The figure ranges from around $55,000 to $130,000, depending on age at diagnosis and sex, with the average being $85,200.
Aug 16, 2013 Lifetime Cost of Treating Diabetes in US: Around $85,000 – Medscape

$$What is a Life Worth?

Addiction & Recovery

What is the true cost of an addiction whether it be drugs, smoke, food or drink? This cost cannot be determined and varies so greatly it’s measure solely rests on the abuser and the ripples that are connected to that abuse. The reasons for addiction are so wide and vast that the topic itself and treatments range from the clinical to the psychotic as well. Nothing is more valuable than our mind and own ability to control our own decisions and conscious activity and nothing is sadder when someone we love loses that. Together we can help stop this growing trend by properly educating and treating using methods and modalities that are biocompatible with our natural biology. Click Here to view some information on the costs of Addiction & Treatment with associated legal penalties

Life Changes

What People are Saying

“Diving Deep”

“Joshua really knows what he is talking about and has the experience to prove it. If you want to dive deep into all the things you never knew about food and how it relates to our lives and everything in them do yourself a favor and take a look and listen.”

Steve McCale

“Excellent & Insightful”

“Excellent insightful stuff from this guy. Can’t wait to see what he fills his page with!”

Coli Thurlan

“Another successful experience”

“Joshua lives what he teaches. He is constantly learning, studying and putting into practice what he learns. He is well educated, disciplined and focused. He cares about everyone – especially their health and overall well-being. He is personable, kind and friendly. He does what it takes for himself and his family to have the best health possible and will do the same for you!”

Kennessa Malan


“Nunc molestie eros nec eros auctor, a dapibus diam iaculis. Aliquam erat volutpat.”


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It is our goal to reeducate, help to inspire and bring to light information healthful for us all. We are made to live up to our fullest potential not be numbed and dumbed down to anything less.

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Hibiscus Tea & the Amazing Nutritional Profile & Benefits

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